Webinar Mastery

Why Webinars

In this course you will leaner why Webinars are an excellent way to sell products and services but as with other things internet related it can be daunting, where do you start and how do you avoid making the mistakes that many others inevitably make. Well you need a comprehensive and well structured training program delivered by someone who not just talks the talk but walks the walk. Welcome to the Webinar Mastery course. You’ll learn all you need to know to create, set-up, run and profit from your very own online webinars.
Webinars are one of the easiest ways to sell your products or services online but there are several key steps to this process and all will be revealed in this training, in a simple and easy to follow way, whether you’re a beginners or more experienced you will learn how to create, promote and deliver a successful and profitable webinar. As might expect this training is more than just slide decks and checklists it includes tips, tricks and hacks from industry leading experts.

So what should you expect: expert, tutorials and advice on how to set up, create, run and profit from an online webinar; tactics and strategies used by highly successful webinar entrepreneurs; getting an audience; how to collaborate with others in joint venture partnerships to extend your marketing reach; creating automated webinars to generate additional passive income; how to build a robust online presence; how to use webinars to establish and position yourself as an expert in your niche.
So who is this course designed for ? Basically anyone (no experience required) who wants to add a powerful and profitable marketing tool to their business. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, expert, or service professional, this highly educational and informative course will take you from scratch, right through to having the confidence levels to deliver your own successful and profitable webinar.

Webinar Mastery Course

Resources: Webinar Checklist.pdf, Webinar Idea Generator.pdf, How to Market your Webinar.ppt, Webinar Mastery Course Slides.ppt, Webinar Template.ppt

  1. Why Webinars Work
  2. Webinar Audience Retention
  3. Branding your Webinar
  4. The Structure of a Webinar
  5. Creating the Content
  6. Keeping the Audience Engaged
  7. Pre Webinar Checklist
  8. Key Tips & Secrets
  9. Webinar Blueprint
  10. Ingredients for Webinar Success
  11. How to handle the Q&A
  12. End of Webinar Sales Pitch
  13. Webinar Platforms
  14. Setting up a Live Webinar
  15. Creating a Landing Page
  16. Setting up an Automated Webinar


Richard McMunn

Founder of ‘How 2 Become’ & Award-Winning Entrepreneur
Richard McMunn is an award-winning entrepreneur, No.1 best-selling author and dedicated tutor for the Internet Business School. Rick started his own publishing business in 2005, launching a range of career guides, which were designed to help job seekers gain employment.
In 2017, Rick won the Specialist Consumer Online Publisher of the Year Award and the Nielsen Digital Marketing Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018!  Rick is an award-winning entrepreneur, a public speaker, and multiple No.1 best-selling author whilst making over £5 Million in the process.


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