Facebook Chatbot

In this course you will learn how to use Facebook chatbot to get help attract, manage, promote, brand and sell any products through a messenger app that is now taking off. Facebook Messenger now has over 1.2Billion monthly users and growing.
Get More Leads – Messenger has over 80% open rates and 25% click through rates and it easily beats any other channel.
Engage Prospects – Interact and build meaningful relationships with your customers through conversational marketing.
Increase Sales – Generate more sales by tailoring the content, offers and products you show to your clients based on their needs.

Some Statistics helping explain why you need a Messenger Chat Bot
Average open rate in messenger is well over 80%
65% of consumers prefer using a messaging app
50% of consumers expect to get a reply from a business 24/7
Average click through rate in messenger is over 28%
Making an Instant Impact with Prospects
With chatbots you’ll learn to develop the possibilities are endless, you can sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships all through Messenger.
This Course
Includes a FREE Chat Bot Guide and every tool and resource you need to build a successful chatbot business today.
From setting up facebook messenger, to case studies and from setting up your own chatbot to creating sales funnels all supported with powerpoint slides and detaile checklists.

Facebook Chatbot Course

Resources: Chatbot slides.ppt, Checklist1 – creating a manychat account.doc, Checklist2 – Your Marketing Plan.doc, Manychatbot Settings.doc

  1. FB Messenger Introduction
  2. Creating a FB page
  3. Linking FB page to Manychat
  4. Desktop & Mobile Messenger Navigation
  5. Navigating the Manychat Dashboard
  6. Setting your Manychat Greetings Meassage
  7. Welcomer Mesaage Automation
  8. Lead Magnets
  9. Funnel Examples
  10. Creating your Sales Funnel
  11. Subscriber Acquisition Strategies
  12. Lead Generation Bot
  13. Broadcasts & Tools Integration
  14. Summary

Checklist 1 – Creating Your ManyChat Account and Connecting FB Page

Checklist 2 – Creating Your Marketing Plan

Checklist 3 – ManyChat Bot Settings


Staz Prokoview

From a young age Stas Prokofiev has always been aspiring to make money from the internet. After trying his hand at many different business types he finally found his passion in Internet Marketing. Ever since he has gone from strength to strength by mastering the art of building and launching websites.He now works closely with business owners as their Internet Marketing Consultant to create a professional online presence as well as building many start-up sites and projects along the way. Stas now divides his time between various businesses and working as an internet business school coach sharing his knowledge and experience with others while building a sustainable income from the internet.

He has built his own teaching platform specialising in chatbots and is one of only a handful of experts with a recognised qualification in chatbot programming.


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