Free Bonuses

Free Bonuses

Our Bonuses

Two Bonuses

Buy any course and we will give you two free e-books to help you on your Journey.

Bonus 1 - Resource Guide

As a bonus for every course bought a list of web resources that can help simplify your workload and improve your skills is included. This contains over 50 different resources ranging from helping to identify trends, to outsourcing sites, to finding free non copyright images and even sites helping you to make free videos [value £500]

Bonus 2 Free Consultation

As a second bonus for every course bought for everyone wanting to take a second step but still needing some guidance, a good friend of mine, Tim Leaman (, who has helped countless people on their journey and has helped me set up several business websites has agreed to a free 30minute consultation to help advise on website building, email marketing, using autoresponders etc. His details can be found on the SkillsUpgrade2021 website [value £250]

Our Bonuses

Buy Two Courses and  Get More

If you buy two courses or more we will give you three extra bonuses to help you on your Journey. As a further bonus I have also included 3 short e-books covering areas that could derail your progress if not checked (Priceless if it helps restore your health).

Special Bonus 1 - The Posture Problem

The Posture problem: how poor posture is the root cause of many unexpected aches and pains.

Special Bonus 2 - Nutrient Power

Nutrient Power: the impact of poor nutrition on Mental Illness and what to do about it.

Special Bonus 3 - Fears, Phobias & Control

Fears, Phobias & Control: techniques for stress relief and the management of emotional problems