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Skills Upgrade 2021 arose out of a need to help the “little guy” prepare himself and become more conversant with the internet modalities that were and still are developing at break neck speed. To make use of the digital market place you need to talk its language. Not the language of programming code but the language of use and that use is predicated on several key platforms and several key tools.


What if these could be made available to anyone who wanted them for no more than 70pence per day and what if once learnt these could be built upon to generate passive income or become the mainstay for anyone having the time to invest in further developing these skills.

These courses give you options to consider another way of life. Our ethos has always been that the most important takeaway when learning any new skill is that once learnt the skill is yours forever, to apply wherever you see fit and possibly to teach others.

Skills such as these are also great ways of building teams, where each member brings his or her complementary skill set to enhance the team further. New skills with new friends and new frontiers.


To help you along the way we deliver bite-sized learning experiences designed to fit easily into daily life, so whether you’re a busy parent looking to generate additional income, a busy professional, or even back-packing across Africa and wanting to increase your learning, we are open with access any time.

As things develop the idea is to continue to populate these pages with additional courses and free material helping you continue on your journey to self fulfilment, less stress and more free time. The cost has been kept to minimum and covers the cost of hosting and producing more content

Tallat azad

Tallat azad


Tallat Azad is a green energy and internet entrepreneur. He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, with a 25year career in Power Generation with GEC, ABB and Alstom based in Switzerland, Germany and now the UK.  

He set up and grew 2 global sales divisions to €100M turnover and has held several Executive management positions. 

He is the CEO of an Energy Storage company and an Artificial Intelligence company, he has Board Directorships on 2 other companies and recently completed a successful seed funding round of over £1m funding for a company now valued at over 17M£. 

He is a best selling co author, has appeared on CNBC and was personally invited by the President of the WEF to present at the World Energy Forum in China in 2019. 

His Motto is simple “Even rocket science can be learnt if you learn from the right people with the right skills”. 

This new website is dedicated to help people wanting to make a transition from a 9to5 job to new found freedom