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COViD has changed things. And it has brought Opportunties. We can help you make it.

Ditch the 9to5 and Stay Ahead of the Curve

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Our 6 Courses

These skill upgrade courses were chosen to help make the biggest impact in the quickest time. Designed for beginners and presented by experts in the field.

Facebook Chatbot

Learn how to use Facebook chatbot to get help attract, manage, promote, brand and sell any products through a messenger app that is now taking off. Facebook Messenger now has over 1.2Billion monthly users and growing.

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Funnel Marketing Mastery

Learn What a Funnel is and how its used, How to Attract, Convert & Retain Customers 24/7, How to create and Use lead Magnets and the concept of the Tripwire, Also learn How to Promote your Brand

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LinkedIn Business Mastery

Learn How LinkedIn can help you Gain Massive Exposure & Leads For Your Business Using proven strategies that you can successfully apply to your existing LinkedIn profile. Includes Publishing and Advertising on LinkedIN

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Podcast Mastery

By mastering Podcasts you will learn one of the fastest ways to set up and run your very own successful Podcast … with no prior experience or expertise required. 

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Webinar Mastery Course

Learn how to organise and run a webinar including how to blueprints and resources to start your journey. This covers all the steps from starting, developing & managing your Webinar

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Youtube Hacker Course

This is the best time to set up your own YouTube channel and this course will show you how to Set up your Channel, Rank Videos & Profit from your own Channel even if you’re just staring out.

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Free Bonuses

Buy a course and get 2 additional bonuses. Buy two or more courses and get 3 additional ones.

How can we help you

Most people have had the idea of starting their own business or making their existing business better. But there always seems such a minefield of technologies and platforms that its difficult to know where to start.

These courses are designed to help you do just that. It’s like having your own mentor guiding you through each step of the way. By learning and mastering the tools, techniques and strategies you’ll build the confidence to apply them, quickly and successfully.


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It’s the job that never gets started that never gets done.

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Because I know where you’re coming from, believe me, I was much in the same position when I resigned from my Executive Management position and since then using skills such as these I have directorships on several companies, been a best selling co author, started several companies, appeared on CNBC and raised over1M£ of Seed funding. Each presenter has done even more. Its not rocket science but it does require learning the right skills from the right people.

Easy to Use

Each course has its own resources and easy to follow videos covering many hours of real and operational content. This is material you can start to apply immediately as many others have done.

Packed with Practical Tips and Resources

Up to date courses are presented by experienced people who use this material today, successfully. Packed with practical tips that only come from people that are  active in their fields.

Our clients


I’ve always wanted to set up my own YouTube channel and the The Youtube hacker course was just what I needed. I’m a beginner so I needed something simple but with sufficient depth to get me off the ground. The free bonuses were also great, the resource guide gave me lots of free content and I look forward to speaking to Tim with my free consultation slot and start building my channel

Sadia Naeem


I attend alot of webinars and always find them informative, I wanted to do my own and the Webinar Mastery course was just what the Doctor ordered.

It took me from the start to the final publishing process. I found the bonuses to be great value and am intrigued with the additional bonuses (all covering health issues) with a 2nd course, there probably worth more than the courses and there free


The LinkedIN course has helped me increase my following. I have almost 20000 business professional connections.
The course was easy to follow and the Instructor (R.Mcmunn) who is understandably a best selling author and entrepreneur, knows how to teach.


Chartered Accountant

I cannot get over how easy the course was to use. On top of this, it was packed with quick and easy tips to help you get on top of the subject.

Really useful.


IT Consultant